Education shapes the world in which we will live.
This holds true for individuals just as well as for countries and multinational companies:
the school children and the university students of today
are the employees, customers and policy makers of tomorrow.

An increasing number of companies engage in CSR activities to foster education
at various levels. Philanthropic motivation often goes hand-in-hand with strategic interests,
for example to increase the base of skilled workforce for future growth.
However, not all of these activities have the expected positive impact.
Quite often, little is known about the actual impact achieved
and the real value created for the different stakeholders.

The objective of edValue is to study existing CSR activities in education with the goal
to identify and promote best-practices. The research results will offer insights and suggestions
for companies to make their engagement in education more effective and valuable for the society.

If you are interested in CSR activities to foster education,
please do not hesitate to contact the research team.

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